• Plantmojo, Indoor Plants Combo of Golden Money, Jade & Golden Snake Plant, in Textured Ceramic pots with Saucer

    • Golden Money plant is a good indoor plant as it can prosper even in low light. Removes indoor pollutants and is an air purifier. Can be placed in living room, balcony, bedroom or in hanging baskets. It can prosper in any kind of soil, whether Clay, drought condition soil or soil full of small stones. Can survive in low light to direct sunlight, thus making it a very easy to care plant.
    • Golden snake is a NASA recommended Air purifier plant. Unlike most other plants which release oxygen throughout the day, it releases stored oxygen as the stomata open in the night.
    • Jade plants are succulent house-plants, which means that they don’t need much water to survive as succulents are originally rocky desert plants. This makes them fairly resilient and easy to grow indoors and are amongst the most popular indoor plants.
    • All 3 plants are low maintenance as Money plant can grow under literally any condition, Snake plants can prosper in shade, only Jade will need a little bit of sun during the week, else starts shedding leaves. Jade & Snake plants can survive in less water as well.
    • Contents : 1 Golden Money Plant, 1 Golden Snake Plant, 1 Jade plant, 3 Textured Ceramic Pots, 3 Ceramic Saucers, Detailed tips for care booklet for Money, Snake and Jade plants

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